We offer a wide array of equipment for a variety of drilling services. In an effort to eliminate costly downtime, which in turn maximizes the effectiveness of your billable time, we provide the necessary equipment and an efficient work force in the field. Through specialization, most procedures are routine with our standard equipment that includes jackhammers, concrete saws, steamcleaners, and grout pumps, which are often needed for this type of work. Read more about our equipment

We offer two and three man crews that meet the OSHA requirements for safety training and medical monitoring. With our extensive safety training program, we not only ensure protection for our employees, but also minimize the potential liability of our client.


Our drillers continually meet rigorous safety standards and have an average of thirteen years experience in the field. Read more about our uncompromising quality in our staff and safety sections.

Geologic Exploration, Inc. is a regional environmental and geotechnical drilling contractor that provides clients with the tools for success through our uncompromising safety and quality, expert training and experience, and superior customer service. We specialize in contamination assessment drilling related to underground storage tanks, dry cleaning facilities, landfills, industrial sites, and hazardous waste facilities. In addition, we install recovery wells up to twelve inches in diameter and provide injection services. ​Read more about our services.